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 About Tami

I completed doula studies in a holistic, year-long program. I began working as a doula in February of 2007 and have been mentored by a certified midwife and doula trainer who specialized in natural and holistic birth. I also attended DONA International’s doula certification course, and I am a DONA certified doula. I lived in Champaign since late 2007 and moved to Clearwater FL on August 2016. I have assisted many women in childbirth in four major hospitals in my born country as well as at Carle Foundation and Provena Covenant hospitals in Urbana-Champaign.

I have been practicing Yoga since 1997. I hold a certification from the Sivananda Montreal Yoga Center, as well as a unique specialization in prenatal yoga. I have been teaching Yoga since 2006 and am a qualified professional therapist in Ayurvedic massage. I also hold an MA in Geography with a minor in Sociology, and a high school teaching certificate.

I am happily married to Eyal, we have a charming and amazing boy named Arad.

Tami, Eyal & Baby Arad

Yoga as a way of life has helped me enhance my traits and qualities. Through yoga, I have enhanced my love of life, the ability to give totally without boundaries, to let go, surrender to life, compassion and grace. When I work with women, I work from my heart. I totally connect and devote myself to the woman I am with, removing all barriers as if she is my own sister and beyond. I am warm, soft and intuitive, and always communicate with women without judgment or criticism. I offer kindness, emotional acceptance, flowing energies and positive thinking.

“I realized how dedicated, caring, knowledgeable and spiritual she was. I was amazed by her perceptiveness and intuition and trusted her completely….She is able to connect to the core of a person and see the person like a precious jewel….I can describe Tami as an open book. She is clear like water and opens up to people in ways that few individuals can do. She is generous in giving not only her knowledge and advice but also her heart ….Her inner peace and trust in life are worth of admiration. ….I consider her a role model.” (Viviana)

“She has an amazing ability to see the positive in every situation, and remains tranquil even under great pressure. Above and beyond this, she has the ability to naturally connect with everyone she meets, and create an atmosphere of safety and peacefulness around her, so even during the most difficult of times, just having her around makes a difference.” (Zohar)

“It’s rare to find someone so willing to completely devote herself and completely customize what she does, for every unique individual she works with.” (Goldie)

“Tami is the most generous person I’ve ever met and seemed always to be thinking about ways to help me be more relaxed and prepared.” (Andrea)

“I can’t say enough about her dedication to her clients and to her profession…..She gives off such positive energy and light…..She is a gift and any woman should be so lucky to work with her.” (Melony)

“Tami has a special spirit and it’s truly a blessing to have her as a partner before, during and after birth.” (Jenna)

“I would wish upon everyone to have her a part of their special journey someway somehow.” (Shea)

How I became a doula

The process in which I became a doula did not begin and end with my formal training, but rather took place throughout my life.

For a long time, I have engaged myself with life’s questions in an attempt to understand the secret of our existence and the cycle of life and creation. It was a process of maturing and gaining inner clarity, a search for personal awareness and an attempt to understand my role in society that I found and answer. One day, while taking a walk, I encountered a friend at the street corner. At the time, I was interested in a guided imagery therapy course so I asked her if I could practice on her. She agreed. After our first session of intuitive guided imagery she said in amazement: “Wow, you’re a doula!” I naively thought she was simply paying a compliment to my knowledge of guided imagery, but she said: “All that you are is a doula – you are already that”. It was during our second session (only 2 days before her birth) that I realized that the answer to my search was in that one, magical word: Doula, the word that I found at a street corner.

My deepest gratitude to you, Limor, and to your sweet angel Hilla, for giving me this sign.

“It is so natural and perfect for you. This is truly what you were born to do. I think you have a special gift that not many of us are able to experience- you have a deep and clear understanding of your purpose for being on this earth.” (Marie)

In the process of birth, I find life itself in a nutshell: The pain, the joy, the power. For what is creation, and how does it happen? The sun emerges**, it is reborn every morning. When the sun rises, we see a red halo – this redness symbolizes blood, pain. And following that, a great light is born – that is creation. So the natural order of creation involves pain and blood, as well as a great light. Therefore, we enter in harmony into a dialogue with the life-giving pain, from an inner belief in the secret of natural creation.

** The verb “emerge”, in my mother language is used specifically in the context of sunrise, and stems from the same root as the word “wound” or “injury”. On a mystical level, this implies that sunrise is a process in which the sky is wounded.




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