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Yoga: A Path to Holistic Birth

As a yogi-doula, I conceived the insight: Yoga is Birth and Birth is Yoga--they are one. From this insight, I created this exclusive program where you can experience the truth of the unity of these two transformative experiences. The lessons include an understanding of the principles of holistic birth and yoga (theory as well as practice) and viewing them as one. In addition, the lessons include all of the tips and tools for birth that stem from my view as a yogi-doula.
Even if you are not yet certain of the kind of birth you would like to prepare for, know that this course can prepare you for any kind of birth. In other words, this course provides the practical tools for viewing and flowing, positive and enlightening management for our everyday lives.
Tuesday and Saturday Class
This program includes thirty sessions of thirty different topics that run continuously where you will learn all of the tools for holistic birth. Every lesson will focus on one topic (e.g.- breathing, bonding with your baby in pregnancy and birth, joy in birth, mobility in birth, relaxation techniques, etc). Through theory, practice and asanas we will turn each one of the topics into practical tools to implement during birth. You will receive 30 minutes of theory and 1 hour and 15 minutes of yoga practice based on the topic taught that day. No prior experience is necessary and you may join at any time.
This program includes twelve sessions of lessons that cover most of the topics as the Tuesday and Saturday class. In each class, you will learn about a few connected topics at a time and will receive 1 hour and 15 minutes of theory and 1 hour and 15 minutes of yoga practice. One or two of the last sessions will include partners and will involve summaries and practical tools that they can use during birth. They are also welcome to come to lessons that they choose, but will need to coordinate beforehand. This class does not run continuously--you must start the lessons at the beginning of the program (February 24, 2013).

R.S.V.P 24 hours in advance by emailing Tami at tami@tamiidoulayogi.com





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