Tamii Doula Yogy

"With my son, I knew I needed to better prepare myself for the intensity so that I could do a better job drawing on my strengths...After birthing my son with Tami’s help, I know it can be enjoyable! I feel blessed to have had an amazing, completely natural birth..."
   Jenna & Ben

"In my experience Tami brings the best in me. She helps me find my own way, helps me find solutions when I feel stuck, and helps me put things into perspective..."
Sophia, George, and Viviana

"She had prepared me so well and Itruly believe that everything came together exactly at the right moment and allowed me to have a safe and very quick birth..."

"I knew wanted an experience different from the birth of my eldest son... I got what I had asked and much more..."
Shimrit, Gadi, Gil and Ran.

"Because of your time beforehand, and the fact that you were truly ‘with’ me – in presence and presence of mind – you knew just what I needed through all the twists and turns and unexpected’s that came up..."

"she has the ability to naturally connect with everyone she meets, and she created an atmosphere of safety and
peacefulness around her, so that even during the most difficult of times, just having her around makes a difference..."

"as she led me on a powerful visualization of the approaching birth...I relaxed I saw and felt myself letting go...secure in the blessed surrender of control assured that I could to the work of opening up to allow my baby to come into the world... I felt a deep calm I never experienced during my previous pregnancy or labor...That very night I had a powerful dream..."
Ryan, Bridget and Michael

"I thank God for allowing our paths to cross because you have had such a positive impact on my life by helping Allan and I prepare for Noah..."

 Tami was the pivotal person during my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. She trusted my body to do exactly what it needed to do to bring my daughter safely into the world which made it easier for me to trust myself..."
Linda, Jeff, Matthew and baby Lily  

"I love Tami’s energy, the atmosphere she creates, the light and the livelihood Tami has. Tami prepared me in this atmosphere and this reflecting and powerful energy was present throughout and during my labor..."

"I had to leave very early for the hospital, before we left she would give me a massage to help relax me and help me to connect with my baby... "

"Almost as soon as I found out that Tami was a doula, in addition to being a yoga instructor, I knew that she was the person I wanted to guide and be with me through this pregnancy and labor..."

"I am very grateful to Tami for the entire process I went through – a first birth, late in life (41) ... Tami made me feel confident and joyful during the birth process..."

"You also helped bring out my inner strength in order to have the most natural birth possible..."
Leo & Heidi

"I knew I was in good hands before the birth – during preparation as well as during the birth itself..."
Limor, Ronen, Lian and Eliya

For more informaion or to speak with one of my former mothers directly, please contact me at tami@tamiidoulayogi.com



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