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Questions that Women Have Asked Tami

1. Why should I practice prenatal yoga?

Practicing prenatal yoga promotes you and your baby’s well-being during pregnancy by decreasing discomforts, practicing deep relaxation and breathing, enhancing strength, releasing stress, removing anxiety and fear, and recharging you with positive energy for the upcoming week. It is a way to take a peaceful break away from the rest of the world for an hour of tranquility and inner-observation and bring healing to an intense lifestyle. Prenatal yoga also positively affects your baby in many ways and also promotes bonding with your baby. You will also find that prenatal yoga is a social time where you can meet with other mothers-to-be in a warm atmosphere. In addition, the classes include tips and tools that you can practice at home to help you in your preparation and during birth. Prenatal yoga also helps you have an easier recovery after birth.

Tami conceived the insight that Birth and Yoga are One, which means that prenatal yoga with Tami will prepare you in a holistic way to a flowing, positive birth.

It was the highlight of my week and gave me energy for several days after.” (Shea)

2.Do I have to be an experienced yogi to practice with Tami?

Absolutely not! Prenatal yoga with Tami is gentle and cozy, and the majority of women who practice prenatal yoga with Tami have never practiced yoga before. If you haven’t practiced yoga before, pregnancy is a wonderful time to start.
Actually, Tami also began practicing yoga while she was pregnant and remembers it as a wonderful gift that greatly contributed to her feelings during pregnancy and birth.

3. Can Tami’s prenatal yoga classes benefit my birth even if I don’t want to birth naturally?

Absolutely. Whether or not you want a medicated birth or a caesarean section, the benefits of prenatal yoga for your birth are endless—deep breathing, relaxation techniques, balancing your body, and controlling your mind are just a few techniques that you will learn to use in any kind of birth. Through this, prenatal yoga helps your birth be healthier, more peaceful, more positive, and filled with greater love.

4.How are Tami’s prenatal yoga classes different from others?

Tami is a yogi-doula, which means that in every class you receive two benefits in one. She uses her knowledge and experience from being present at births and incorporates it into her yoga classes. She teaches a practical and accurate connection between yoga and birth. She says that birth looks like yoga and during yoga classes she often feels as if she is at a birth. Tami created an exclusive, invigorating program that applies her insight that Yoga and Birth are One. Because of this, her prenatal yoga classes provide a wide range of tools for preparation and birth. Her classes consist of Standard Prenatal Yoga and two different class times for Prenatal Yoga: Preparation to Holistic . For more information about each class, please visit the class descriptions.

5.  Why should I attend the course Prenatal Yoga: Preparation to Holistic Birth and not Tami’s Standard Prenatal Yoga class?

Tami’s Standard Prenatal Yoga class is recommended and the benefits of this class are explained in the first question. Nonetheless, Tami’s gift is her ability to bring a higher understanding about the connection between yoga and birth and how yoga contributes to a flowing, positive birth. The course Prenatal Yoga: Preparation to Holistic Birth is in fact an application of the unification of yoga and birth. You will have two benefits in one for every minute in class—you will not only enjoy the benefits of practicing yoga for your well-being during pregnancy, but you are also simultaneously practicing birth. Every session contains a new topic (in total there are 30 topics) about knowledge, physical, emotional, and spiritual preparation for holistic birth. Through theory, practice, and holistic experience, not only will you learn knowledge-based techniques (e.g.- movements, breathing, and relaxation to use during birth, etc.), but you will delve deeper into transforming your feelings, sensations, and your inner self on a conscious and subconscious level (e.g.-trusting your body, trusting the birth, gaining patience for the process of birth, releasing and cleansing, inner balance, harmony, calm attitude towards birth, etc.). This transformation will affect your attitude,  thoughts, and management of your birth to help you flow more freely with joy and harmony. You will, in essence, be transformed through experience that surpasses the understanding you can achieve solely through gaining a wide array of informational facts.

6. I am already attending a birth  preparation course at the hospital. Should I still attend your course Prenatal Yoga: Preparation to Holistic Birth?

Yes, Tami recommends that you attend both courses. Hospital-based courses provide valuable, highly recommended information. It is incredibly important to attend them. In addition, Prenatal Yoga: Preparation to Holistic  offers a different perspective and insight about existing knowledge. Her preparation process stems from her insight that Birth and Yoga are One, which means that she views childbirth as a holistic experience that unifies the physical, emotional, and spiritual components of birth. You will delve deeper into transforming your feelings, sensations, and your inner self on a conscious and subconscious level. For more information about how this course helps with this transformation, please read FAQ #5.

7.  If childbirth is a natural process, why should I prepare for it?

Over the years, our lifestyles have gradually ceased to be natural on a physical, mental, and emotional level. True, childbirth belongs to the secret of primitive womanly wisdom—her instinct and intuition. However, modern life and cultural behavior now oppose these natural abilities and hinder the capacity to freely express ourselves by drawing us outward to seek external satisfactions, while childbirth is in essence a process of looking within. Thus, over the years, natural skills have eroded. We have an internal memory, hidden in our genes, and during birth preparation we awaken, refresh, and renew this memory.

8.  I already know what the benefits of yoga are during pregnancy, but why should I practice yoga after birth?

After birth, you sacrifice so much of yourself for others. You are constantly nurturing your baby and serving your family, and it is important to give yourself quality time by nurturing yourself. Yoga helps you find this balance and provides a scheduled time for yourself where you can relax, recharge, and clear your mind for the upcoming week in a familiar, caring atmosphere; furthermore, it promotes a good recovery from birth.

Yoga is Birth and Birth is Yoga—they are One





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